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Library Update 2020--2021: General Policies

General Policies

Library users are expected to adhere to the following general policies:

  • Refrain from holding long conversations with others in all areas of the Library, including the entrance. If you would like to have a conversation longer than a minute or two, please exit the Library to do so.
  • Refrain from talking on your cell phone while in the Library. If you must take a phone call, please kindly ask the caller to hold, and then exit the Library completely before beginning your phone conversation.
  • Audible audio (from portable speakers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other audio players--regardless of volume level--is not permitted in the Library, including audio from recorded lectures/sermons or live class meetings via videoconferencing. Closed-end headphones or earbuds must be used for all audio listening, including audio listening in individual study rooms.
  • Leaving personal items in the Library for extended periods (while the Library is closed for chapel, periods longer than approx. 10 min., etc.) is not permitted. If you know you will be away for an extended period from the Library space you are using, you must take your personal belongings with you.