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Journal of Biblical Counseling help: Home

Step by step to JBC

These are the steps to access the Journal of Biblical Counseling:

1.Login to Canvas (Student Portal), then open another window.

2. Go to the Library webpage

3. Type any search term in the search box and select the gold Search button. (You are not searching for articles at this point, so the search term doesn’t matter.)

4. You are now in the JOSHUA research tool.  Select Advanced Search under the Search box.

5. Type journal of biblical counseling in the search box and change “Select a Field (optional)” to “SO Journal Title/Source”

6. You will see a list of almost 2000 articles from Journal of Biblical Counseling. Most have a link to PDF Full Text which will let you access the article. If it says “Full text finder”, it is not available at this time.

7. You can add another search term in the box below the top “journal of biblical counseling” for a more specific search, such as conflict, abuse, or depression.


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