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Academic Integrity: Home

The statement below is from the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 2016-2017 Academic Catalog and The Midwestern College 2016-2017 Academic Catalog:

Integrity in Theological Studies

The fundamental purpose of Midwestern is to assist the development of Christian ministers who are equipped to make responsible and relevant witness to the redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of the vastly complex and rapidly changing modern culture in which God has granted us the grace of life. In accordance with this purpose, therefore, Midwestern dearly cherishes and earnestly seeks to foster among all its students the qualities of spiritual dedication, creative imagination, and personal integrity.

Consequently, the Administration and Faculty of Midwestern expect, as a minimum requirement, that each student shall do his or her own work. The student is to let every test and examination reflect only the best results of his or her own disciplined study. Likewise, every term paper and written report must represent the student’s own original approach to the task assigned, and they should not contain either direct quotations or paraphrases of any part of any other writer’s book or paper, published or unpublished, for which due credit is not given to the original author. Such credit should be acknowledged by proper citation (in text, footnotes, and bibliography) of the sources employed.

Unless otherwise instructed by the professor under whose direction the paper is prepared, the most recent edition of Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (with such supplements as may be prepared by the faculty) will serve as the guide for citing all sources.

It cannot be exaggerated how strongly Midwestern deplores plagiarism in all its forms. Dishonesty is incompatible with the very purpose for which a student avails himself of its ministries. It is to be desired that one remain without a degree rather than to obtain it by dishonest means, for Christianity cannot countenance conduct that contradicts its basic tenets. It is further to be hoped that each individual will recognize a responsibility for his brother as well as for himself in all such matters. 

This statement was first adopted by the faculty of Midwestern on October 5, 1961, and continues to be affirmed by the current faculty.