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Library Update 2020--2021: COVID-19

Library COVID-19 Policies

Update - Friday, November 20, 2020:

Please note that the seminary has updated the mask-wearing section of its COVID-19 policy to the following in response to an order from the mayor of Kansas City:

"Face masks that cover the mouth and the nose will be required of all students, staff, faculty, and visitors on the campus of MBTS in all buildings at all times in accordance with KCMO regulations."

Consequently, all Library users must wear a mask at all times, unless the individual is the sole occupant of a library study room with the door closed.

Thank you for your cooperation with this updated policy.


All students, faculty, and staff have received the seminary’s COVID-19 policy documents. Accordingly, we ask that you observe social distancing while using the Library, maintaining six feet between you and the nearest other patron. In instances when social distancing is not possible, per seminary COVID-19 policy, you must wear a mask. In accordance with what is expected in chapel and in the classrooms, when using the seating areas and study spaces within the Library, if someone is not your roommate or a family member, you should avoid sitting near that individual.

Please note that following best practices for libraries in the current COVID-19 environment, all returned books must be quarantined for 48 hours prior to becoming available for checkout to the next patron. We appreciate your understanding during this unusual time.