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How to Find Books: Books from Other Libraries

Requesting Items from the KC-Towers Cluster and other MOBIUS requests:

  1. If an item is not found in the Midwestern Library online catalog, check the KC-Towers and MOBIUS catalogs. Only items NOT available at your institution may be requested
  2.  If the item is found in another library, check the status. An item that is AVAILABLE may be requested with no delay in delivery. If an item is checked out, a Date Due is shown. A request may still be made on that item, which will place a Hold on it. This prevents the current user from renewing it and alerts you when it is returned. An item with a status of LIB USE ONLY or MISSING cannot be requested.
  3. Select the Request button. If requesting from the MOBIUS catalog, you will be asked to choose your library, which is MOBIUS--Midwestern Baptist, then submit that information. Then you will be asked for your name as it appears on your student ID/library card.  Your Unique Campus ID consists of the 13 digit number on the back of your library card with the letters mbts at the end. (Example: 1234567891234mbts). If you need help with your Campus ID#, contact the Circulation desk at the Midwestern Library.
  4. Select the desired Pickup location and Submit.  Many MBTS students living in the Kansas City area will find it most convenient to pickup requests at the MBTS library, it is also possible to pick up requests at another library by selecting another pickup location.This service is referred to as PUA (Pick Up Anywhere) in the MOBIUS system. List of MOBIUS Libraries
  5. Check email for notification that requests have arrived at MBTS. Students may logon to their library accounts to see the status of requests.
  6. If the KC-Towers/MOBIUS search is unsatisfactory, you may select the Prospector link in MOBIUS to search online catalogs of libraries in Colorado. Requesting books in Prospector uses the same procedure as MOBIUS.
  7. Another option for finding books is to go to WorldCat, accessed from the Databases page on the MBTS Library website. Please be aware that items requested via WorldCat usually take longer to arrive than Kansas City/MOBIUS items.
  8. Please contact the Reference Librarian for more help finding the resources you need.


Doctoral students, long distance students, and other students needing additional assistance with ILL may contact: JHOWIE@MBTS.EDU or call (816) 414-3728.





Finding Books from Other Libraries

For instructions on requesting books from MOBIUS/Prospector, please refer to    Requesting Books from Other Libraries