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Update Spring 2021

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Trial Database--DBpia

연구자 중심의 한국형 학술정보 포털, DBpia

(DBpia, a Korean-based academic information portal focused on researchers)

  • 한국 연구자에게 맞는 학술콘텐츠와 서비스를 DBpia 제공합니다.

(DBpia provides academic content and services that are right for Korean researchers)

  • 연구주제 탐색 : 학술정보 포털, DBpia  / 국내 학술콘텐츠를 한번에 검색해 보세요.

(Research topic search: academic information portal, DBpia / Search Korean academic contents at once)

  • 선행연구 조사 : DBpia 추천논문 (Previous research: DBpia recommendation article)
  • 원문 열람 : 국내 우수 학술지 서비스 (Full Text Reading: Korean Excellent Journal Service)
  • 참고문헌 관리 : 내서재 & DBpia 크롬 확장프로그램 (Bibliography Management: My Library & DBpia Chrome Extension)
  • 논문 투고 : 인용양식 설정 (Article Contribution: Setting citation style)
  • 연구성과 관리 : 논문 관리 (Research performance management: My article management)
  • 연구동향 분석 : DBpia 이용지표 (Research Trend Analysis: DBpia utilization index)

Faculty Books on Display

Where do I start researching?

Decide what type of information you need, then use the links or search boxes below.

Joshua -- to search many databases at the same time for MBTS print books, e-books, journal articles, and multimedia

Databases--to search academic and research databases individually. Most but not all are included in the JOSHUA search. See A-Z Database List for more information.

Classic Catalog --to search for items owned by MBTS, such as print books, e-books, and multimedia; links to request from MOBIUS and Prospector Libraries

Refworks - to assist in creating bibliographies in Turabian style

ATLAReligion PLUS --to search for articles about specific Bible verses and  passages and topics from major academic journals in the fields of theology and religion

Books from other Libraries --to borrow print books from other libraries (not included in Joshua search)

Southern Baptist Periodical Index (SBPI)--to find citations for articles from SBC organizations, such as Lifeway, IMB, WMU, etc.

Doctoral Works -to find dissertations and theses from students at MBTS and/or other institutions