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Computers Available:

There are 3 desktop workstations available for quick catalog usage and printing.

There are 16 laptops available for checkout. Mice and earbuds are available on request. Each laptop runs Windows 10.

Laptops are only to be used in the library.

The checkout period is 4 hours, and may be renewed online or at the front desk.

Each computer, either the workstation or the laptop has the following software installed:

Shortcuts to the catalog and the Joshua search engine can be found on the desktop.

Each station can print to the library printer: Lib7225 [located across from the circulation desk].

WARNING: Any files saved to the desktop will be deleted automatically each time the laptops power off and on the workstations each night.  Be sure to bring a flash drive or save your files on your student OneDrive account.



Students can print to the library printer from any library computer.

Lib7225 located by the Circulation Desk

WARNING: You are responsible to pay for ALL copies/print jobs, even mistakes!  Be careful to preview all your print jobs.


To make a copy, you can either make one copy at a time on the copy glass under the top, or you can make large copy batches through the document feeder located at the top of the printer.

Copies are subject to the same costs as printing.


In addition to copying and printing, you can use either printer as a scanner.  There is no cost for scanning! Instructions for scanning are posted on the printer.